Easy 4 Step Installation

  1. Place the blower in the bottom/back of the fireplace. Velcro is provided so that the blower will stay in place. To insure the Velcro sticks, you will probably need to wipe down the fireplace.
  2. The temperature sensor is equipped with a magnet for easy installation. Place the magnet on the bottom of the firebox where the metal warms up to at least 120°. The fireplace blower will not turn on until the sensor warms up to at least 120°.
  3. Place the speed control directly on the floor of the firebox - directly behind the bottom louver. It is not meant to be accessed often - but rather to adjust the speed of the fan to your preference.
  4. Plug in the blower.

Installation Videos

Fireplace Blower Kit Installation
How to install 75 cfm Blower when a switch has already been installed to control power to the blower.
Universal Blower Fit Test

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