Guaranteed to Fit

 We guarantee that our universal fireplace blower will work in your fireplace…

Here is a simple test to make sure the universal fireplace blower will fit in your fireplace…


A typical soda can is 2 3/4.” If you can fit a soda can through the opening in the bottom of your fireplace, our universal fireplace blower should fit without a problem.

The actual dimensions of the universal fireplace fan blowers are:

75cfm   -  2 7/8″ x 3 1/2″ x 9 1/2” 

150cfm  - 2 7/8″ x 3 1/2″ x 16” 

  We guarantee that our universal fireplace blower will fit and work in your fireplace. Most fireplaces have openings much larger than required and set up is so easy, anyone can install fireplace blowers without tools or special knowledge.

Opening in Bottom of Fireplace 2 7/8″

We are so confident that our universal fireplace blower will work for you:
we offer a 30 day money back fireplace warranty.

Curious about how difficult it is to install fireplace blowers? Check out our fireplace blower installation video. 

Almost all fireplaces have room to accommodate a fireplace blower- the blower is always installed in the bottom cavity at the very back of the fireplace- so that cool air will be drawn in through the bottom louvers and pushed up the back of the fireplace gathering heat along the way, until the now hot air exits out of the top louvers.  The question of will this universal fireplace blower work in my fireplace is really a matter of will the body of the fan fit in the bottom of my fireplace.  Even our largest 150 cfm fan will likely fit – however some fireplaces are installed in such a way that the power or gas lines make it difficult to wiggle the fireplace blower into its resting spot.  We recommend using a soda can as a facsimile for the fireplace blower to test how the blower will fit in your fireplace– they are almost exactly the same size…our 75 cfm blower is essentially the same size as 2 soda cans taped together end-to-end.  If you can wiggle the 2 soda cans into position then you know for sure that our 75 cfm blower will also fit... if 3 soda cans taped together end-to-end fit- than our larger 150 cfm blower will also fit.  If the 2 soda cans fit, but the 3 soda cans don’t quite make the turn to get into the back… then our double blower setup is more flexible and will be easier to maneuver into place.  Our fireplace fan is engineered to be just a bit smaller diameter than most factory provided fans to make it easier for homeowners to install fireplace blowers themselves.  We have 10’s of thousands of our universal fit fireplace blowers installed in all brands of fireplaces…  we are confident that this blower will work in your gas fireplace and we are happy to offer a 30 day no questions return policy.  If you purchase a fan from Fireplace Blower Outlet and for any reason decide it won’t work for you- simply ship it back in within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price of the fan.