How It Works

How will a fireplace blower increase the heat from my fireplace & decrease my gas bill?

How Fireplace Blowers Work

Every gas fireplace is essentially made up of two boxes; the one where the flame is, and the outer cabinet. The flame produces heat which radiates in all directions, but mainly rises. Without a blower, the heat radiating underneath and behind the flame are lost. 

With a blower, this excess heat is captured and blown into your room. The blower pulls cool air from the room through the bottom louver, and then pushes the air up through the back of the fireplace, warming the cool air with the heat at the back of the fireplace. The warm air is then pushed out through the top louver back into your room.

With a fireplace blower, you can now take advantage of this excess heat and enjoy your fireplace like never before. This extra heat allows you turn down your thermostat saving you about 3% of your gas bill for every degree you are able to turn your thermostat down. Your first day with your new fireplace blower could potentially pay for itself with the money you save on your gas bill.

The installation process is quick and easy. CLICK HERE to view the easy 4-step process. 


Buy a Fireplace Blower today and feel the difference.