How it Works

How can a fireplace blower make your home more comfortable & reduce your gas bill?

How do fireplace blowers work? If you already have a gas fireplace without a fan, turn it on and pay close attention to where the heat is going. The fireplace gets hot and a small area in front of the fireplace will heat up, however without a blower most of the heat produced by the fireplace is lost to the space above and behind the fireplace!  Its simple thermodynamics, the heat transfers through the metal cabinet of the fireplace and radiates in all directions, but mostly rises.

With a fireplace heat blower, the cool room air is pulled in through the louver in the bottom of the fireplace and circulated through the air space designed into your fireplace to capture this wasted heat.  Every gas fireplace is basically made up of two boxes, the one you see where the flame burns, and the outer cabinet.  When the fireplace blower is turned on it collects the heat from this space and pushes it out into the room through the louvers in the top of the fireplace.

Learn about how gas fireplace blower efficiency can save you money! With your fireplace efficiently producing heat, you can now turn down the furnace thermostat by a couple of degrees.   Rule of thumb is that you will save 3% on your gas bill for every degree you turn down your thermostat. In one heating season your new universal fireplace blower kit will pay for itself & you can enjoy your fireplace like you never have before! Our fireplace blower installation process is simple and does not require tools.