Twin Blower Kit


Twin Blower Kit- 150 cfm Fireplace Blower

“Guaranteed to fit in tight spaces!”

twin blower kit

Twin Blower Kit- includes Power Cord- Shown with Temp Sensor & Speed Control *purchased separately

If you are looking for more power- more airflow… you want our twin fireplace blower kit… the twin kit is two of our 75 cfm blowers hooked together with a wiring harness…

Why is this better than just one big blower… well it turns out it is really difficult and sometimes just impossible to maneuver a large blower back through all the wires and pipes in the bottom of the fireplace.

Because our 150 cfm kit- is made up of two separate blowers…it is EASY to maneuver through the tight spaces.¬† Below is a picture of our twin kit, next to a standard 150 cfm blower…

Our fireplace blowers for sale will help improve your fireplace airflow.

double blower size comparison

Twin Blower Kit- “shown next to standard 150 cfm blower”


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