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The Double Blowers consist of two 75 cfm blowers hooked together to provide 150cfm. Total length is 20″ and will fit in most fireplaces down to 32″.  Because of the unique 2 blower design, this 150 cfm fireplace blower system fits in many fireplaces, where a single blower will not fit.  The two fireplace blowers for sale are connected by a 24″ cord allowing you to work them around the wires and piping individually & then place them in the back of the fireplace next to each other. Includes power cord only.

This 150 cfm fireplace blower system ships with the power cord pre-wired ready for installation.  If your fireplace is equipped with a switch to turn the blower on/off than this is probably all you will require for complete installation.

If your fireplace has never had a blower installed you may also want a fireplace temperature sensorfireplace blower variable speed control, or fireplace blower switch.  Accessories purchased with fireplace blowers for sale, ship as assembled kits.  Installation requires no tools (except maybe a flashlight to make it easier to see where to plug it in)  and installation takes just a few minutes.

The 150 cfm fireplace blower is great for larger fireplaces and for larger rooms.  For reference (a regular house furnace heat vent typically blows about 90 cfm).  To double check if the double blowers will fit in your fireplace- measure across the back wall… it will fit if  it measures more than 20″ and you can fit a soda can in the place where the blower will be installed.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 2.8 x 3.5 in

2 reviews for Double Blower -150 CFM

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    robert bell


    I received the blower on Dec. 24, just in time for family coming over. Hooked it up in about 15 seconds ( not kidding ) and made sure it worked and everything so far looks good. Today will be the big test. I will let you know how we like it in the next few days. Thank you for your excellent ordering system, very easy, and I received it in 3 days after ordering it, right in the middle of the Christmas rush. Impressive.


    Robert Bell

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    joanne montgomery

    I wanted to let you know how great our fireplace blower is working. We had no idea what an improvement it would make in keeping us warm. Not only was the order process a breeze we were amazed at how helpful you were guiding us through the purchase to ensure we received the correct blower for our specific fireplace model. So glad we made the purchase and installed it before the Polar Vortex hit.
    Thanks again!
    Joanne Montgomery

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