Warranty/Return policy

 Fireplace Blower Warranty

If for any reason you find the fireplace heat blower will not work in your application we will refund the purchase price of the blower. *See below for details.

30 day-Warranty of Suitability

Within 30 days from date of purchase, if you find the fireplace heat blower will not work for you, we will refund the purchase price of the blower- no questions asked.

Step #1- within the 30 day period- send an email to support@fireplacebloweroutlet.com – requesting  return authorization- include the reason for return *(Must include a copy of your original confirmation of purchase)

Step#2- print out original confirmation of purchase & authorization to return

Step#3- Enclose paperwork in box & ship to us- (we recommend shipping with signature required)

When we receive fireplace blower fans back in good condition we will refund the purchase price of the blower.

(The refund is for the price of the fireplace blower fans only and will not include shipping)

30 day-Warranty of Product

In the event there is a service issue with the fireplace heat blower or any accessory components in the first 30 days, we will ship a replacement part at no charge.  Simply send an email explaining the problem.  We may correspond with you to diagnose exactly what the problem is or to help troubleshoot.
* remember if the blower is equipped with a thermostat it will not turn on until the thermostat reaches 120*… if for any reason the thermostat is dislodged from the magnet- the blower will not turn on.  The thermostat may be glued back on to the magnet using super glue.

1 year warranty:

Fireplace blower fans are warrantied for the period of one year… in the event there is an issue with the blower or included accessories- fireplace blower outlet will replace the defective component, excludes shipping…  product must be returned postage paid- with a Return Postage Label- printed copy of  purchase receipt and return authorization obtained by emailing support@fireplacebloweroutlet.com…