Standard Product information for fireplace fans and fireplace blower inserts

The exact size of the 75 cfm fireplace blower insert is 2 7/8″ x 3 1/2″  x 10″  as you can see in the pictures below (2 soda cans taped together end to end) make a great facsimile for our 75 cfm fireplace fan. To confirm the fireplace blower insert will fit in your fireplace you can perform the universal fireplace blwoer test with the soda cans. The standard fireplace fan comes with a 22″ power cord pre-installed. When it is plugged into a live outlet it will turn on at 100%. Before you order the basic fireplace fan you will want to test the outlet in your fireplace. Make sure that it has power and there is a switch on your wall that turns it on and off. If you don’t have a switch that controls the outlet, you will want to purchase the universal fireplace blower kit. The kit comes with the fireplace blower variable speed control  and temperature sensor to automatically turn the blower on/off when the fireplace heats up and cools down.

CFM: 75

Volts 110v ac          RPM: 1850           Amps: .5         HZ:60

Length 10" (total length)

Width 2 7/8"

Height 3 1/2"

Electrical usage: less than a 60 watt light bulb

soda can is the same size as the blower

2 soda cans taped together can be used to test fit universal fireplace blower