Easy 4 Step Installation

This page offers a quick overview of how the fireplace blower is installed… it does not show the temperature sensor or speed control.

Our blower has been installed by 10’s of thousands of DIY homeowners, including Moms and even Grandma’s.  The kit comes pre-assembled with the power cord and with additional accessories when purchased with the blower or when the blower is purchased as a kit.  It is just a matter of installing the Velcro- *cleaning the fireplace “so the Velcro will stick” and placing the blower in its final location in the bottom/back of the fireplace. – as shown in the diagram below.   The temperature sensor arrives already wired in to the blower wiring harness & is equipped with a magnet for easy installation. Remember when equipped with a temperature sensor- the fireplace blower will not turn on until the magnet has reached 120*, so it is important to make sure the magnet is stuck to the bottom of the firebox at a place where the metal warms up to at least 120*.  See the diagram below for recommended placement.  The speed control “if so equipped” will also come pre-wired and simply sits on the floor of the firebox- directly behind the bottom louver.  It is not meant to be accessed often- but rather to adjust the speed of the fan to your preference.  Most people will only adjust the speed during the first week or so of use to dial it in to the best balance of air flow vs fan noise.   The whole job should take less than 5 minutes and no tools are required “except maybe a flashlight”.

 step 1 remove Velcro

step 2 insert blower through bottom door opening

step 3: position blower at rear of fireplace

step 4 plug the blower in