Wood Burning Fireplace


 Will a Blower Work in your Wood Burning Fireplace?


If your fireplace is not a metal box with louvers like the one pictured below…then it was not designed to accept a blower

~ However ~

If your wood burning fireplace is a metal box with louvers and you can access the compartment below the firebox, then yes our blower will probably work for you.  In order to double check…use the universal fireplace blower soda can test... using a soda can as a substitute for the blower, test to see if the soda can will fit all the way back in the bottom compartment…”laying flat”.

*one word of caution- some wood burning fireplaces / inserts get much hotter than a typical gas fireplace- in fact they can get so hot that they can damage the wires and even the motor for a blower… use extra caution when installing in a  wood fireplace- ensure that all cords are tight against the bottom (floor).  as far away from the hot inner firebox as possible.  Also note it is possible to rotate the motor counter clockwise 90* to further move the wire parts away from the inner fire box… if the bottom compartment of your firebox gets extremely hot- you should rotate the motor on your blower to keep all the wires as far from the heat source as possible.  *if purchasing a temperature sensor, be aware- the glue that holds the magnet onto the temperature sensor is rated for 180*  if it is installed in a location that exceeds 180* the glue will fail & the sensor will become dislodged from the magnet.  Take care that the connectors from the back of the temperature sensor do not come in contact with the metal part of the fireplace.

If your fireplace passes the soda can test…

You are good to order you Fireplace Blower.

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Regular Woodburning Fireplace ***BLOWER WILL NOT WORK***

Regular Woodburning Fireplace ***BLOWER WILL NOT WORK***


Blower installs in the bottom *behind the louvers


Wood Burning Insert

Wood Burning Insert- May or May Not-Accomodate Blower

gas fireplace blower how it works drawing

How Fireplace Blower Works