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Temperature Sensing Fan Control

Temperature Sensing Fan Control- attaches with Magnet to the Bottom of the Firebox

Fireplace Temperature Sensor- installs as shown… using magnet provided… when ordered with our blower it will come pre-installed and no wiring is required…

When purchased separately it will include the 24″ cord with spade connectors to easily add to your existing fireplace blower.

thermostat switch for fan

Fireplace thermostat turns fan on at 120*

As the fireplace heats up above 120* the fireplace temperature sensor will automatically turn on the blower & when it cools down the blower will automatically turn off. *note… when you purchase this option, the blower will not turn on until the fireplace thermostat has been properly installed & the fireplace has been on for long enough to warm the sensor above 120*

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Thermostatic Fan Control Installation Instructions:

With Fireplace off & cool & blower unplugged…

1-Unplug the black wire from the blower & plug it onto the male lead from the fireplace thermostat & plug the female lead from the thermostat onto the blower…The fireplace thermostat includes 24″ of wiring with male/ female type connectors that easily install on the blower.  When purchased with the blower the wires comes pre-installed.

2-“Stick” the fireplace thermostat to the bottom of the fireplace about 2″ back from door- make sure it is not on a label or near the pilot light… if after 10 min the blower does not turn on… move the magnet back 2″ until it is in a location that warms up to 120*

3-Make sure the wires from the fan power supply and the thermostat are not touching the bottom of the fireplace (top of the equipment access compartment) as this part of the fireplace can get very hot & melt the wire.  Also note- the glue that holds the magnet onto the fireplace temperature sensor is rated for 180* this works fine for most gas fireplace installations, however if it is installed in a location that exceeds 180* the glue will fail & the sensor will become dislodged from the magnet.  Make sure that the connectors from the back of the fireplace temperature sensor do not come in contact with the metal part of the fireplace.

4- Plug the blower back in & turn on the fireplace… if the blower takes longer than 10 minutes to turn on- reposition the fireplace temperature sensor to a place on the bottom of the firebox that gets warmer faster.  All fireplaces, burners, log assemblies are different and all fireplaces have hot & cool spots- move the sensor around until you find the spot that turns the blower on fairly quickly. *note some vent free fireplaces are built in a way that prevents this part of the cabinet from warming up to the required 120*… if you are unsure about your fireplace- you should turn your fireplace on & see if the cabinet gets hot to the touch.

5-The magnet should be installed horizontally as shown in the picture above… the magnet is designed to hold it in place in this configuration…if installed vertically “up the side of the firebox” the sensor will eventually “fall off” and with the sensor away from the cabinet- the blower will stay in the off position.


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2 reviews for Thermostat- Sensor

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve J. – Canada

    This sensor works great, automatically turns the blower on & off as promised & the magnet was really easy to install…
    Steve, Canada

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    joanne montgomery

    I wanted to let you know how great our fireplace blower is working. We had no idea what an improvement it would make in keeping us warm. Not only was the order process a breeze we were amazed at how helpful you were guiding us through the purchase to ensure we received the correct blower for our specific fireplace model. So glad we made the purchase and installed it before the Polar Vortex hit.
    Thanks again!
    Joanne Montgomery

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